The Advantages of Eating Slim Fast Diet Bars & Shakes

Slim Fast – Also called Weight watchers, is a diet program in which dieters eat very low calorie meals and snacks that are low in fat and calories. The meals are prepackaged with a variety of fruits, vegetables, protein bars and other diet-friendly snacks such as chocolate. They provide dieters the satisfaction of knowing that they are eating nutritious and balanced meals. It helps them in weight loss by increasing the metabolism rate of the body and thus resulting in the burning of excess calories and the gradual weight loss.

The Advantages of Eating Slim Fast Diet Bars & Shakes

The Advantages of Eating Slim Fast Diet Bars & Shakes

How Does The Slim Fast Diet Work?

This plan helps people to lose two pounds every week and keep it off. In addition, you get support from the nutrition staff that is always there to answer your queries and make sure that you remain on track with your slim fast diet. You can either join the programs online or call the nutrition hotline number. There are also group meetings held outside the program office to motivate participants. Thus, this program makes the person want to lose weight and keep it off permanently.

The slim fast diet works by giving a shake which consists of two cups of skimmed milk, one tablespoon of lemon juice per cup, eight ounces of the protein powder and one teaspoon of the unsweetened, real chocolate. The taste of the chocolate drink is quite overwhelming, especially for people who do not normally drink chocolate. It is recommended to drink this shake with water after every meal for better weight loss results. The intake of the shake will give you the feeling of being full as it is comprised of protein, fats and carbohydrates. As the carbohydrates are lower than usual in a normal diet, you feel less cravings for the junk foods.

The program includes some of the healthy meals too. For instance, you can have a fruit salad made of low-fat baby carrots and strawberries. There are many more recipes available for dieters, which they can use for Slim Fast Meal Replacements like pasta, rice, vegetables and soups. As mentioned earlier, there are also a number of Slim Fast snack options available like mini cheese fries, pretzels and cookies.

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All of these meal replacement options are healthier and have less calories than the traditional foods that you eat in your everyday diet. You can choose to have one or two meals a day so as to compensate for the meals that you have missed during the day due to work or studies.

The Slim Fast Diet bars and shakes are available in three sizes. The smallest size is one bar, which has about twenty-four calories and contains no fat. The mid-sized bar is one serving of the protein powder and one slice of the chocolate bar. The larger sized bars and shakes contain two servings of the protein powder and one glass of the chocolate drink. All Slim Fast meals and drinks are free of cholesterol and sodium.

Slim Fast bars and shakes do not contain any artificial sweeteners, as many other diet plans do. One of the reasons why people prefer the shakes is because they taste much better than the regular ice cream. The chocolate drinks can also be enjoyed alone or with some crackers or granola bars. Since the products from Slim Fast are made from all natural ingredients, you do not need to worry about potential side effects such as dizziness, headaches and muscle cramps.

You can take them as directed for the entire duration of the diet. If you do feel that you want to try a few Slim Fast products, you can always purchase them online and have them shipped directly to your home.