What Do You Eat On The Paleo Diet?

Paleo Diet –  This Diet is a diet that has gained much popularity over the last few years. This diet is based around the natural diet that humans used in the Paleolithic era. The Paleo Diet takes its roots from the diets that were used by our prehistoric ancestors. The Paleo Diet aims to bring the nutrient-rich foods from these ancient times back into modern diet.

What Do You Eat On The Paleo Diet

How Does The Paleo Diet Work?

What is Paleo Diet? The Paleo Diet is a high protein weight loss program that has received great reviews from fitness experts. It is a high energy low carb diet that adheres to the recommendations of the Paleoindologist, whose name is Michael Allen. This is a highly effective way to lose weight because it uses a paradigm that is highly effective at burning fat, boosting metabolism and suppressing appetite. It also uses highly nutritious and delicious foods that are good for you.

What is Paleo Diet? You need to read a lot of books and manuals before you are able to follow long term Paleo Diet. This is because they are all written around the basic concepts of the Paleoindologist’s approach. For example, when it comes to carbohydrate intake, some books would recommend restricted use of refined sugar and some would suggest limited use of starchy carbs. The Paleo Diet does both, leaving the option to eat natural unprocessed carbohydrates from plants, seeds and fruit.

What is Paleo Diet? Meat is permitted up to two eggs in Paleo Diet but you may include skinless chicken, turkey and steak as part of your meals. Nuts are allowed up to five servings a day but you may also opt to include groundnuts, walnuts and hazelnuts. Fruits are also permitted up to five servings and vegetables are permitted three servings a day but you may make the most out of your Paleo Diet by including salads.

What is Paleo Diet? One of the key benefits of following the Paleo Diet is weight loss. Weight loss is possible if you follow the Paleo Diet recommendations and you pick the right kind of food. Paleo Diet permits anyone to lose weight provided you limit your consumption of animal-derived products. Animal-derived foods include butter, cheese, milk, eggs and other dairy-based products. As far as sugar is concerned, you are only permitted a small amount of refined sugar, which is sweeter than cane or honey and which is generally produced from fruits.

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What is Paleo Diet? Eating meat, eggs and dairy are a part of the Paleo Diet but you can include fruits and vegetables also. Fruits and vegetables are considered to be Paleo Diet rich foods because they are high in nutrition and they are low in calories. You should add some vegetables and fruits to your Paleo Diet menu plan so that you get a complete nutrition.