Nike Flex Stride 7 Running Shorts – How Do Nike Running Shorts Fit?

Nike Flex Stride 7 Running Shorts – Is among the most popular running shorts on the market today. With a lightweight design and better breathability, they have become a favorite among runners.

Nike Flex Stride 7 Running Shorts

Nike Flex Stride 7 Running Shorts

What You Have to Get From Nike Flex Stride 7 Running Shorts

The Design – The Nike Flex Stride 7 Running Shorts features an advanced breathable material and mesh panels that add breath ability to the shorts. This material stretches across the body as you run, offering you comfort and support while you move. The dual-density midsole has been designed with shock-absorbing capabilities in mind. It provides ample cushioning for your heel and absorbs impact on the ball of your feet for maximum shock absorption. This one-piece design is also designed to help you move fluidly in the shoe.

Low Bulk – Unlike traditional shorts, the Nike Flex Stride 7 Running Shorts has no one piece that sticks out from your leg. These shorts are designed to follow your body’s natural curves, creating a comfortable fit. They offer great compression for increased airflow and minimal weight, making them perfect for running or walking. The soft lining helps wick away moisture so your skin stays dry.

High Breathability – Nike Flex Stride 7 Running Shorts is known for its innovative air technology that allows for air to ventilate properly within the Nike Flex line. The breathability of the Nike Flex Stride 7 Shorts ensures that your body receives the oxygen it needs to stay energized and fresh.

The low-profile nylon and mesh construction of the Nike Flex Stride 8 Shorts allow you to get a little more mileage out of the same length. The high breathability means that your shorts will stay cool longer, even when you’re sweating it out.

Silicone Windproof Body – Nike Flex includes a special Compression Shield that helps wick away moisture from your body, but what do you get when you don’t have that moisture wicking away? That’s where the silicone comes in.

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The specially designed silicone adds another layer of wicking to keep everything that you love inside your Nike Flex. The silicone also helps to keep the heat in and keeps your body from feeling cold. Nike Flex Stride 8 has received the highest rating of breathability and mobility of any Nike athletic shoe to date.

Nike Flex Stride 7 Running Shorts is an innovative running shoe that offers premium performance with great comfort. The blend of mesh and nylon construction allow Nike to incorporate their own proprietary technologies for maximum energy absorption and compression for ultimate comfort and Nike Fit technology for a lightweight, flexible ride. No wonder these shoes are the most popular running shoes in the world!