New Balance Accelerate Running Short – It is Worth?

New Balance Accelerate Running Short –  If you are an avid long-distance runner then you have undoubtedly already heard of the New Balance Accelerate Running Short. It is a running shoe that has been designed to give you a very smooth and fast run. In fact many have described it as a lot more comfortable than they are used to. It is so much more comfortable than running shoes that many people find it hard to get used to running in them after their first use.

New Balance Accelerate Running Short

New Balance Accelerate Running Short

What You Have to Get From New Balance Accelerate Running Short

If you are not familiar with New Balance Accelerate Running Short then you may well be wondering why anyone would think that it would be any more comfortable than the normal running shoes. After all the average high-quality pair of running shoes usually cost a fair bit.

The main reason for this is because they are made from very high quality materials which are renowned for providing excellent cushioning properties. High quality materials are one of the reasons that they can last for such a long time. However, another reason is because New Balance employs some innovative manufacturing processes in order to make their shoes extremely durable.

When we talk about high quality materials we are talking about leather, suede and textile. So what does this have to do with the New Balance Accelerate Run Short? Well the high quality leather that New Balance uses is what helps to give this shoe it’s durability and comfort.

The material is also very flexible and stretchy. This means that it will mould to the shape of your foot as you run, which is a huge help when you are training for a race. Another benefit of the high quality leather used in the uppers of the shoes is that it keeps moisture away from the body of the shoe.

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The uppers of the New Balance Accelerate Running Short also feature a highly flexible EVA foam. This foam has been found to provide good cushioning properties when it is used to help relieve the stress caused by high impact running.

The EVA foam allows your foot to be well supported while you run, and the high density foam also helps reduce the impact on the joints of the feet. So the high impact shock absorption is reduced and there is less fatigue and pain caused by running on these types of shoes.

The New Balance Accelerate Running Short features mesh side panels to help prevent debris such as dirt, dust and lint from entering the shoes. However, this mesh can sometimes slip over time and cause some discomfort to the runner. Also, due to the construction of the upper of the shoe, some people can feel a little claustrophobic when wearing it. However, this is not a major problem as the mesh is removable and washable.

When it comes to fit, the New Balance Accelerate Running Short definitely feels most comfortable to wear. It fits true to size and the fit has remained consistent for all the running samples we have worn.

This means that they are comfortable from the moment you put them on until the moment you take them off. They do tend to run a touch large, however this is very common for most New Balance running shoes and is to be expected. Once you have worn these shoes for a few days, you will probably get used to the large size fairly quickly.