A Review of Jaybird Vista Wireless Earbuds

Jaybird Vista Earbuds –  Jaybird Vista headphones are a great choice for those on the go. They are extremely small and light, weighing just over an ounce. This tiny little earphone is so advanced that it is amazing how well it performs. The cutting-edge Vista models feature rugged, fully water-resistant construction for ultimate sound quality that will go wherever you do.

Jaybird Vista Earbuds

Jaybird Vista Earbuds

What You Have to Get From Jaybird Vista Earbuds

The lightweight, yet powerful Jaybird Vista Earbuds are perfect for those on the go. The thin, lightweight design of these compact earbuds makes them perfect for flying, going to a meeting, or working out. When not in use, the jaybird headset comes equipped with a charging case that doubles as a carrying case. The charging case is also durable, making it easy to carry your jaybird earbuds along with you wherever you go. The lightweight, durable nature of the jaybird earbud is at its best when not being used.

There are many different applications for Jaybird Vista Earbuds. One of the best features about the earbuds is that they have a built-in Bluetooth port. This allows you to take telephone calls while you’re in the car. Jaybird even includes a jaybird app which allow you to make hotel calls, internet calls, and incoming calls directly from your phone.

This means that you never have to waste time pulling out your phone again to make a call. The jaybird app also lets you see which callers are currently calling your phone, so that you don’t miss any important business calls.

The charging case for your Jaybird Vista Earbuds will need to be charged after every few uses. If the charging case gets old, it will not charge your headphones. It is recommended that you change the charging case every six months or so because the cables can become worn down over time. The charging case doubles as a holster which makes it convenient to keep your earbuds in while you are on the go.

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Jaybird also manufactures some unique, custom made car accessories to go along with their Jaybird Vista wireless earbuds. These car accessories include headlight kits, mirror guards, grill guard guards, and license plate frames.

Car owners love the fact that these custom car accessories make their car look customized and complete. The custom headlight kits, mirror guards, and grill guards, for example, came in two finishes – chrome and black. You can easily find a good looking one to go along with your Jaybird earbuds.

Jaybird Vista Earbuds are like so many other wireless earbuds out there. They offer a nice alternative to traditional wired earbuds. Jaybird makes wireless earbuds that work well with a wide range of sources like iPods, MP3 players, and phones. The price of Jaybird wireless earbuds is reasonable, but they offer a superior experience that any serious music fan could find hard to top.